2017 Goals

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One of my most recent big accomplishments is also my year end resolution. I’ve always been very good with sticking to my goals and this year, I have challenged myself to do more presentations and practice public speaking. Public speaking is a skill that I wanted to embrace this year because one of my career goals is to be able to teach others. It wouldn’t make sense ifI couldn’t articulate what I was trying to teach in a clear and concise manner. To practice this skill, I joined and helped create my company’s internal Toastmasters and Meetup group. I did various presentations and could present twice at our internal Python Meetup group about Flask and writing API’s with flask restful. I look forward to continuing to challenge myself with technical presentations and work towards doing some live coding! Before the end of the year, I want to do two more presentations and by mid-next year. I’d love to be able to do my first presentation at a conference.

Frances Liu

Frances Liu

A webdev that's obsessed with animals, crafts, and Reddit.

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