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I’m a up and coming web developer that loves to build things from the ground up. I love making proof of concepts and prototypes. Rapidly building web apps from the ground up gets me going! When I’m not typing away on my laptop, you can find me with a bunch of animals, picking up a new craft or honing an existing skill, or redditing. Interested in hiring me? Intrigued about what I do? Send me an email or shoot me a LinkedIn message!

In one to three years, I see myself picking up more frameworks to build projects and tools that enable the everyday person or developer to be more productive. At the end of three years, I’d love to consider the opportunity to return to school for an MBA. Having an MBA will open a lot of opportunities for me to work with people by sharpening my public speaking skills, pin pointing what the real issues and problems are, and make data and information more meaningful. In high school, I was a part of Academy of Finance that focused on finance and accounting. In college, I moved on to business analytics which is like a prep course for data science and a cross between statistics and business. After choosing to be a web dev as a profession, I see information that other engineers might not see at first glance from a business perspective. Pursuing a higher education in business will empower me even further to understand industries and cutting out the noise and picking out what’s important.

I chose to become a web dev because growing up in the Silicon Valley, I had the privilege of being surrounded by the latest technology and trends. As I was going through college, I was introduced to open education and tech talks. I felt that everyone should have access to education, knowledge, and technology to connect to the web no matter where they are at in the world. Current web apps power new education technology that empower kids and adultsalike with a new learning experience that is more engaging, enriching, and visual. I would love to work at a company that also believes in open education and open source. Asides from open education and open source, I’m also very interested in the following:

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